Welcome to Rumrill!

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This year, Alhambra High Earth Team has been tasked with assessing and educating the community about the litter problem on Rumrill Blvd.  They are working with the City of San Pablo and the EPA on the Rumrill Project.  On Thursday 9/28/17 the Earth Team visited the first litter hotspot of interest to collect baseline data in regards to the major sources and causes of pollution in the area.  What they found was shocking.  At the intersection of Rumrill and Market, the ground was covered with litter.  We filled 8 large trash bags and barely made a dent on the waste that occupied the area.  Students reactions were a balance of despair and motivation as they combed through the area hoping to make a mark.  Below are some first hand responses from our Alhambra Earth Team:

“It was sort of sad seeing such an immense collection of trash in the city I grew up in.  Most of the time trash was something we saw but didn’t know how to avoid, so it was accepted and you got used to it.  But once you’re there and picking up trash, its unavoidable and you realize just how much garbage there really is.  A lot of people care but don’t know how to help, so they walk past it everyday and you just sort of accept it.  I think the Earth Day clean-up will be really effective and that we will gain a large community influence because of it”. -Jazlyn

“So today really showed me that there is always trash in the places that no one really thinks about.  The only thing that kind of sucked was that we weren’t able to pick up everything because there was so much debris.  In a way this motivates me to want to pick up litter more often than I already do”.  -Dhzyia

“Today Ive realized that cleaning hot spots are more than just a 14 man job.  With having just one spot covered with trash, its hard to imagine the other spots on this earth that are just covered with trash”.  -Dalvir

“Today was a very different experience for me that I had expected.  Ive been to San Pablo  before but never to spend time in the sun and clean the garbage that has collected there. breathing in the air in the heat made me light headed and also realize that these are conditions people are living in daily.  this includes the glass I stepped on and the clothes laid on the ground.  it make me wonder: Where do these clothes come from? This was definitely eye opening for me”.  -Jaida