Alhambra Earth Team Returns to Rumrill

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 10.32.26 AM

On November 2, 2017 Alhambra High Earth Team returned to San Pablo to conduct another litter assessment on Rumrill Blvd.  The interns focused solely on cigarette litter, collecting over one thousand butts.  Cigarette litter is known to carry heavy metals.  Storm water washes cigarette litter in the storm drains which lead to the local creeks and make their way to the Bay.  Heavy metals are polluting our Bay and it is the mission of Alhambra Earth Team to reduce the negative impacts of cigarette litter.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 10.31.41 AM

As the interns walked the street of a known hot spot, or area where litter is highly concentrated, community members approached them questioning their intentions.  Interns were thrilled to explain their project and how they hope to protect the local water shed. Alhambra High will continue its work along Rumrill Blvd for the remainder of the school year and hope to build lasting relationships wit community partners in the area.


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