Alhambra Earth Team Returns to Rumrill


After a much deserved winter break, Alhambra Earth Team interns returned to Rumrill Blvd. for their first litter assessment of the semester. Using the Marine Debris Tracker the team was able to track all the litter collected by GPS and categorize it by type of litter.  The Marine Debris Tracker places collected trash into one of 8 categories: Plastic, Metal, Glass, Rubber, Cloth, Paper and Lumber, Fishing Gear, and Other Items.  Returning interns took the lead guiding new interns through the litter assessment protocols and teaching them the walking patterns that they developed in the previous months.  In just 30 mins the team collectively logged and removed nearly 800 pieces of trash from the site.


Several community members stopped the students with questions about their work which returning interns were more than happy to answer.  New interns were thrilled with their first experience giving back to the community and protecting the bay.


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