Guest Speaker Joelle Alley Presents on the Effects of Cigarette Waste in Our Bay


On January 11, 2018 Earth Team Program Associate Joelle Alley traveled to Alhambra Hight to present to the Earth Team about the research she had collected regarding the effects of cigarette waste on aquatic environments.  Based off this research Earth Team staff developed an easy to use calculator that simulates the amounts of the top ten heavy metals found in cigarette waste for a specific number of cigarette butts.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 12.00.21 PM

Earth Team interns will use this tool to calculate the amount of heavy metals the have prevented from reaching the Bay through their litter assessments.  Just last semester Earth Team prevented nearly 3,000 cigarette butts from reach the waters of the Bay.

Interns spent the remainder of the meeting experimenting with the calculator a researching the effects of the heavy metals.  Here is what several interns had to say about research:

“I learned how to solve problems by getting the necessary research done and by getting help from my peers”. -Dhzyia

“I learned that in order to solve a problem you have to look further into it then what you see immediately.  Like with cigarette waste and the heavy metals in them.  The cigarette butts aren’t the only issue, you ave to look farther into it and see that even the way the metals are mined is damaging to the environment”. -Madison




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