Alhambra Intern Autumn Phillips Reflects on her Experience with Earth Team


***Student Blog***

“I’ve learned a lot about how much trash actually affects our earth and a lot more about cigarette butts. People might know that they pollute water and the earth, but I never knew they add chemicals and other toxins that can leech out into the water.  I never realized how many were being littered either.

I wasn’t expecting to get so in to this internship.  Once I really started getting involved and learning things I actually love our litter weekly meetings and our monthly events, it’s so much fun.

My favorite event was the Wanlass Park tree planting (pictured above) because I had a lot of fun working with other schools and actually making an immediate and direct impact on the earth.  I also liked the pizza and playing with children at the park afterwards.  Everyone got into and we were all tired and dirty and hungry and having a blast.  I will never forget that day it was so much fun.

Being in a leadership role for the second semester doesn’t feel very different.  I do feel like having more knowledge about our project puts me in sort of a more influential position though, like a role model. I am going to sign up next year, so I hope we can keep working on Rumrill and next year go back and see if we made difference.” -Autumn

Autumn Phillips 17-18 Alhambra Earth Team Intern 



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