Earth Team Hosts a Community Input Session


On February 24, 2018, Alhambra High Earth Team hosted a Community Input Session at R & R Coffee in Richmond.  The goal of the session was to engage the Richmond/San Pablo community to provide input on how interns could best focus their efforts to reduce litter and educate the community on the effects of litter on the environment.

Interns were very nervous to be interacting so many strangers, and even more nervous about how these strangers would respond to their requests.  But after just a few minutes they realized that the community was very interested in the work they were doing and wanted to help in any way they could.  Sixty-seven people showed up to participate, ages ranging from 2-72, and the interns had a chance to engage with each and everyone them.  An hour into the event, confidence had sky rocketed and the students were taking charge explaining there efforts to date and how they planned to continue into the future.  Participants were very supportive of the interns ideas for the future, but gave great insight to specific locations and sources of litter to target.  All in all the day was a great success in so many ways.

Here is what intern Khate Estrada had to say about the event:

The time where I felt the best is when I realized we were doing something that would impact and benefit the community and the environment.  I was pretty nervous for the event since I knew I would have to talk to people and I’m not very good at public speaking and talking to strangers.  After the community input event, I felt more confident in myself and used to approaching strangers to ask them for their input.  I feel good.”



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