Students Prepare for Community Engagement Event


Alhambra High interns have spent the year reducing litter and raising awareness about the effects of litter in the Rumrill neighborhoods of San Pablo.  They have removed over 8,000 pieces of litter during their after school assessments, held community input sessions to gain support and advice from the community about how to best focus their efforts, and they have even held on campus events to raise awareness in their fellow youth.

For the past two weeks, the interns have been working away to prepare the final details for an event they have been planning for all year–The Rumrill Community Clean Up.  This event will combine their efforts to reduce litter and to engage the community.  Interns have spent time requesting sponsorships and donation to help fund the event, the have conducted outreach and created flyers to help promote the event, they have secured a central location, they have coordinated the majority of the day’s logistics, and they have prepared speeches to give to the roughly 100 participants expected to attend.  With nerves high, excitement has also been incredibly high, several interns proclaiming, “I can’t believe the event is already here” and “Im nervous, but so excited”.   This weekend’s event will be an event that will push the interns to utilize the skills and knowledge they have been gaining all year long.


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