Interns Present to the San Pablo City Council


With the year coming to an end, our Alhambra High interns were eager to present their accomplishments to the San Pablo City Council.  Joined by three other teams that were focusing their efforts in the San Pablo/Richmond area, our interns were able to paint a story of the outcomes all their hard work produced.  Shradha Shakya, a junior at Alhambra High, spoke to the council about the goals the team had set for the semester and their allignment with the City’s Complete Green Streets Project. Arianna Aguilera, a senior at Alhambra High, followed speaking to the council about the many methods the team used to engage the community in their efforts to reduce waste and continued to use data to prove to the council how effective community engagement can be in reducing litter.  Dhzyia Miller-Ford, a senior as well, closed the presentation by speaking on the many methods the team has developed to reduce waste both in the Rumrill Blvd. community and on their own campus and the challenges the team overcame when planning for each event.


After the presentation it was clear the interns were feeling energized and proud.  Each council member made an effort to thank the students for their hard work and dedication.  It is through experiences like these that our students draw their inspiration, and the communities we work in realize the power of the youth.


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