A Job Well Done! Alhambra High Interns Close out a Great Year!


The year has come to an end! This year Alhambra met 40 times, completing over 100 hours of education and training, including 23 class visits, 10 field visits, 6 public event, and 1 recruitment event! Together, we reached over 350 community members and over 1,360 peers and faculty on campus!

The highlights of our project were..

Earth Day Community Clean Up – Interns hosted a community clean up event where over 7,500 pieces of litter were collected off the streets of Rumrill Blvd.

Rumrill Litter Reduction – Interns remove over 15,000 pieces of litter from Rumrill HotSpots!

Community Input Session – Interns host a listening session to hear from the community on what solutions they have towards reduction of litter on Rumrill.

On Campus Scavenger Hunt – Interns engaged their peers in an after-school hands on experience, cleaning up their campus and scavenging for litter to receive prices!

San Pablo City Council Presentation – Interns present their years work to San Pablo City Council and do an incredible job!

Supporting other Schools Projects – Throughout the year, Alhambra interns supported multiple events including the Litter March, Community Tree Planting and more!

“From this experience I learned that you should never procrastinate, and we as a whole, did not. I also learned that public speaking is very difficult and scary. Lastly, I learned that you should not procrastinate on preparation and studying.”

“Overall I had one major challenge, preparation. I am an on the spot and wing-it type of person but this project involved lots of preparation and planning. During this project I needed to overcome this part of me, I needed my team for that part. They taught me that winging it is good occasionally, but readiness is always better. My team taught me great skills that I will always remember in the future.”

“My overall favorite part of the day was near the end. My favorite part was the communities input and cooperation during this event. I loved when we all got back from making a difference in the community and then we all talked. The community gave us their opinions and we are using them to make a difference. My favorite part of Earth Day was the sharing of ideas and the connecting that we did as a whole community. I also enjoyed working with my team to create that event, to bring the community together, and connect as a whole.”

Great job Alhambra interns!