Riding into the New Year, Mountain Biking at China Camp State Park!


Earth Team youth welcomed in the new year with a mountain biking trip with Trips for Kids Marin. The winter sun came out for a beautiful trip to China Camp State Park.


The day started with everyone getting equipped with the proper gear for the day. Helmets, gloves, and bikes were on and soon after the team started learning bike basics and going through equipment checks to ensure a safe ride. The group followed up their biking basics clinic with a few practice rounds around the parking lot.


Before no time, the group was off on the trail, enjoying the beautiful scenery of China Camp State Park. Participants did a fantastic job picking up mountain biking, and Trips for Kids Marin staff commended them for their coachability.


For lunch, the group stopped off at a bayfront where they confronted a recently past shark body on the beach. A few students were particularly fascinated with this rare site and spent the rest of their stay on the beach searching for more critters and wildlife.


After fueling up with some packed lunches, the group tested their communications skills in a group activity. Individuals worked in small groups utilizing each other’s senses to complete a simple task along the shoreline. Students reflected that the game was a great way to emphasize how important and complicated communication can be, and it was also an excellent way for everyone to get to know each other a little bit better.

Overall, the youth had a great time exploring nature and experiencing a new outdoor activity. Climbing hills were tough, and we all are a little bit sore, but it was unanimous that this collective adventure was worth every challenging moment. All participants expressed a desire to bike again in the near future!


Thank you Trips for Kids Marin for providing such welcoming and knowledgable staff! We had a great day biking with you!

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