Reflecting and Rejuvenating Together Along the Coastline

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This past weekend, Earth Team Outdoor Explorers took to Bodega Bay Dunes Campground, Sonoma Coast State Park to relax and rejuvenate together after a crazy school year. The group was small but that made it all the better, it really gave an opportunity for everyone to connect and have the alone time they needed to practice mindfulness.

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The group started out exploring the campground and came upon some fun finds. It was fun to goof around and get a little lost together. Shortly after exploring, tents were up and we were off to the beach!

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The beach was definitely the highlight of the trip. Everyone shared their personal favorite games and activities like Ship Island, Human Knot, and so much more. We played Charades, added to ocean forts, and shared a lot of laughter.

“I ❤ the beach! It is my favorite place in the world. It is very peaceful like we can forget the world for a second and breathe.” – Jessica, Outdoor Explorer

“Being at the beach made me feel really good. It made me feel very free and free-spirited. ” – Joey, Outdoor Explorer

Going to the beach made me feel calm and like I want to go back” – Jade, Outdoor Explorer

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It wasn’t all crazy excitement though, as the sun began to set, Outdoor Explorers Mentor Kailyn led the group in a beach yoga session, followed by some super fun acro yoga. The group practiced different breathing techniques and different dynamics movements to loosen up their body and recognize and address areas of tension. Acro yoga was super fun, everyone got the chance to practice with another and learn about how to rely on one another and balance together.

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The following morning, after an LNT (Leave No Trace) camp sweep, more beach time followed but this time the vibe was chill and relaxed. Individuals separated for solo time and participated in a letter to future self-activity.

It was a wild weekend full of wonder and love for one another. Every moment was worthwhile and wonderful.

Hear from our students about what they had to say about the weekend! 

“I really enjoyed the trip because it gave me time to relax but also have a lot of fun. I learned a few things about being outdoors but also about life. It was the second shortest trip that I have attended with Earth Team but every moment was fun and worthwhile. I look forward to seeing everyone again in the future.” – Jeremy, Outdoor Explorer

“The camping trip was my favorite one I have ever done with Earth Team. The small group of people, whom I have never met, allowed me to spend as much time socializing with new folk as I did with myself. Being able to go to the beach was the best part. Watching the waves rise and fall was as peaceful as it can get! Reminds me to take a break from the “real world” and to focus on self-care and rejuvenation. I am so grateful for the experience! :)” Jessica, Outdoor Explorer

This trip was really dynamic bc it was high energy and chill at different times. It was also great that we got to explore the area and different activities.” – Jade, Outdoor Explorer

“I had so much fun even though not all 25 made it. I think that the trip was actually better without them. It was easier for all of us to bond and work more efficiently. This trip was a great experience, second time camping actually. Thanks to earth team. I’m glad I was able to work out my schedule and go on this trip because it seemed like a good way to wrap up the school year. With all this mindfulness.” – Joey, Outdoor Explorer

“I had a really fun time making new friends and camping. Visiting the beach was one of the highlights of the trip for me. It was so fun working as a team to pick up huge logs to contribute to building those hut things. I look forward to my next trips as I’ll continue to make new friends as well as connect and grow closer to nature” – David, Outdoor Explorer

Special thank you to Kailyn, Sadie, Emma, and Briana for joining our trip and being excellent mentors for our youth!

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